Technical characteristics

In the heart of the Nantes vineyard


The Cru Gorges was born in the Nantes vineyards, south-east of Nantes, at the gates of Clisson "l'Italienne" in Loire Atlantique, near Maine-et-Loire and Vendée.

The vineyard is divided into hillsides, a quality factor for the production of quality wines.

The Sèvre Nantaise crosses the commune of Gorges, which separates it into 2 banks: the left bank and the right bank and offers the terroir a perfect relief for the appellation of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine.

Production de Muscadet dans le vignoble nantais au sud est de Nantes aux portes de CLisson l'Italienne en Loire Atlantique. Production de Muscat de qualité avec l'appellation Muscadet Sèvre et Maine en France. Terroir français de qualité avec son vin blan

A unique terroir

Producteur de muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie de grande qualité aux porte de Clisson et du site du Hellfest dans le vignoble nantais près de Nantes en Loire Atlantique,France. Un terroir exceptionnel composé de gabbro, d'argile à quartz

The Cru Gorges is located in the unique terroir of the Nantes vineyard composed of a subsoil of gabbro, magmatic plutonic rock.

The soils are generally deep, characterized by the presence of weathered clay or quartz clay, allowing an excellent water reserve to be maintained during dry summers.


The gabbro terroir, unique in the world on which the Melon de Bourgogne is rooted, gives the wines of the Cru Gorges an inimitable character, with a strong aromatic minerality endowed with great aging potential.


A pampered vine

The Melon de Bourgogne grape is rooted in the rocks of Gabbro. The plots of Cru Gorges have been meticulously chosen to create great wines.


Throughout the year, the winegrowers take special care of the vines.

The vast majority of them have obtained the HVE label (High Environmental Value), healthier cultivation methods to produce with a low environmental impact in order to best respect biodiversity.


Some also produce exclusively with the Organic Agriculture label for total respect for nature, using traditional old-fashioned methods.

Dans le vignoble de Nantes, la vigne est préservée avec la biodiversité, le label Agriculture Biologique pour les vins blanc et le label he protection environnementale pour le respect de la nature et des vins de grande qualité.

A strict specification

Les vignerons de la Vallée de Clisson à Gorges en Loire Atlantique produisent le Cru Gorges, un grand vin blanc d'exception. Vin de garde de grande qualité, il protègent la vigne et font un élevage sur lie en Sèvre et Maine

To obtain the "Cru Gorges" appellation (validated since 2011), a commission of INAO members and winegrowers check the yield potential during the summer, which must not exceed 45hl/ha, i.e. 6 to 9 bunches. per vine.


The vinification takes place by traditional fermentation of the grape juice followed by aging on the lees in small underground vats for a minimum of 24 months. Some winegrowers push this aging up to 48 months.


After analyzes and tastings before and after bottling, each bottle is individually numbered, which makes it unique in the world.

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